Nose pin and piercing

Nose pin and piercing

Nose piercing is an ancient modification of the nose that was done by the nomadic Berber tribes in Africa and Middle East. Nose pins were given to the wife by the husband as assign of protection. Nowadays nose piercing is done commonly for the sake of style and beauty and nose pins are used for this purpose. There are various nose pins that are available in the market today. We have the gold nose pin, Silver nose pins and diamond nose, so one can find some which suit their budget.

Styles for nose piercing:

Nothing is more elegant adding a nose pin in a pierce nose to add beauty on the face.  

This body piercing nostril piercing, bridge piercing and nasal septum piercing.  

Bridge piercing

This type of piercing is placed on the upper part that is between the nose and the eyes. Nose pins are used in this type of piercing since if a large ring is used instead it may block the sight of an individual. Individual willing to do this piercing must be warned about the risk of healing since this piercing heals slowly and the reoccurring of infection if the piercing is not taken care of well.

Nostril piercing

In this the exact place for piercing is chosen by an individual.  

Nose pin and piercing

Septum piercing

This done on the cartilage that separates the nostrils. The main problem with this is it needs tenderness when blowing the nose. The healing may be prolonged if there is usage of illegal drugs that may irritate the pierce, make ups and removing the jewelry often.  

Precaution before tattoos and body piercing

  • Move with reputation: first of all you should decide to check the pierce expert reputation. That is he or she licensed? Are his or her facilities clean? What does other customers know or say about him? Many people may ignore this but it is the basis that defines whether the piercing will be safe or not.
  • Cleanliness: To avoid any embarrassing abrasions, make sure the piercing is clean.
  • Before getting any piercing make sure your skin does not have any allergies to certain materials. Procedure for nose piercing: First step is choosing the type of piercing you want and then choosing a spot where the pierce will be located. After locating a spot a steel nose screw or a pierce gun can be used to make a pierce.

Recommendation for new body piercing or tattoo

  • Keeping your piercing or tattoo clean by not touching the jewelry and the piercing. Always clean the piercing with saline solution at least twice per day.
  • Using the towel carefully but it would be better if no towel is used to dry the pierced part. Removing jewelry will prolong the healing process.
  • Using the towel carefully but it would be better if no towel is used to dry the pierced part. Removing jewelry will prolong the healing process -If the piercing is swollen or he pain is unbearable you should consult a doctor.
  • Stay away from make ups since it will introduce bacteria to the pierce thus increasing the chances of infection. Description of the nose pin and the size of the pin is a great consideration when purchasing a nose pin.