Piercing Ideas For Your Ears, Face & Body

Piercing Ideas For Your Ears, Face & Body

For millions of years, body art has been used by human beings to depict a part of their culture. Sometimes it was used to distinguish tribe leaders from the followers, and on other occasions, they have been used for royalty. Each and every body art, be it tattoos or piercing, have a significance of their own which has percolated through all these years to become a fashion symbol for all the fashionistas in the world. 

Ear Piercing 

This is arguably the most common form of body art in the world. The ear alone has 14 different positions where a piercing could be done.  

Helix is the most popular of these wherein piercings are done on the upper ear near the rim and the number of such piercings can be single or multiple as the person desires. Similarly, the Lobe Piercing is the most common form in which the earring is worn on the lobe, near the bottom of the ear. 

Other piercing styles as depicted in the picture above include Rook, Industrial, Snug, Orbital, Outer Conch, Upper Lobe, Transverse Lobe, Anti-Tragus, Inner Conch, Tragus, Daith, and Forward Helix. 

Piercing Ideas For Your Ears, Face & Body

Face Piercing 

This type of piercing, although not as common as ear piercing, is a hat which is donned by both men and women alike. These are typically distinguished from each other on the basis of where the piercing is being done. 

  1. Lip Piercing 
  2. Eyelid Piercing
  3. Eyebrow Piercing – This type of piercing is done either on the corners or the middle of the eyebrow
  4. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing – This type of piercing appears at a slight angle to the outer corner of the eye
  5. Bridge Piercing – This is done on the bridge of the nose in between the eyes
  6. Tongue Piercing – This is usually done on the surface of the tongue at the center and generally in a single quantity
  7. Dimple/Cheek Piercing – This type of piercing is done to create dimples and should be done with extreme care so as to not disturb the parotid tissue
  8. Nostril Piercing
  9. Septum Piercing – This is done on the septum (bottom) of the nose
  10. Web Piercings – Smileys ( flap of skin between upper lip and gums), Tongue Frenulum (flap of skin below the tongue) 

Body Piercing  

We have used various parts of our body to portray our rich heritage to the world and what better way to do that than tattoos and body piercings. Now Body Piercings also come in various forms and styles and each one has their unique look to it. Listed below are some of the more famous body piercings from across the world. 

  1. Navel/ Belly Button Piercing – The more common form of body art which was made popular by the Egyptian Royalty, these also have four versions which are nnie’, utie’, pper Rim’, and ower Rim’
  2. Christina / Venus Piercings – Done on top of the clitoral hood
  3. Clitoral Piercings
  4. Nipple Piercings 
  5. Fourchette Piercings – Usually done at the back edge of the vulva
  6. Inner Labia Piercings
  7. Outer Labia Piercings
  8. Triangle Piercings – passes through the base of the clitoral hood side-to-side, under the clitoris
  9. Ampallang Piercings – Piercing of the penis head from side-to-side
  10. Anal Piercings
  11. Apadravya Piercing
  12. Dorsal Frenum Piercing
  13. Dydoe Piercing
  14. Frenum Piercing
  15. Guiche Piercing
  16. Jacob’s Ladder 
  17. Kuno Piercings
  18. Lorum Piercings
  19. Prince Albert Piercings
  20. Scrotal Ladder Piercings  

So having gone through this which one do you think will be suited to your fashion statement? Are you ready to go under the needle? Please leave your comments below.