Guidelines to Getting a Nose Piercing

Guidelines to Getting a Nose Piercing

Having tattoos and body piercing has become quite common today, especially among the youth. A nose piercing may be one of the most common types of piercing since it is easily noticeable and cute as well as complements your face an are a badass accessory to express yourself as well as feel liberated. It is not a new trend since it goes back to almost 4000 years ago, as stated in the Bible that Isaac gave Rebekah, his wife, a nose ring. Nose piercing is culturally mostly associated with Indians since they are very fond of the practice as well as the South-East region of Asia.    

There are different types of nose piercings such as; spectrum piercings, bridge piercings, rhinoceros piercings, nostril piercings and nasallang piercings. These are some of important guidelines to which one must adhere if they wish to successfully get and maintain a nose piercing.    

1. Take a moment to consider your career path. 

Although nose piercings are cute and adorable, you need to make sure that it does not interfere with your professional goals. For instance, if you do work in an office, consider if it will be a problem because as much as the office world is becoming more permissive and lenient, there are some offices where having a pierced nose could be a problem and you would not want to be fired because of alleged inappropriateness in form of a metal on your nose.    

Guidelines to Getting a Nose Piercing

2. Preparing yourself for the procedure. 

You can do this simply by talking to a friend who already has a nose piercing perhaps, or any other person with one. You should not feel afraid to ask questions.  Also confirm the price range and the availability of the person who will perform the procedure and how comfortable you are with them as well as sanitation at the shop where you will be pierced. Psychologically preparing yourself to go under the needle is also important and you can take a deep breath and relax.    

3. Taking care of your piercing. 

First and foremost, cleanliness is crucial when maintaining your nose piercing. Look out for infections which may be bringing about pus. You may also need to buy some cleaning products such as sea salt which can be added to purified water or you could just buy sea salt sprays. Crusting, bleeding and mild oozing can be there sometimes and if you notice extreme changes you should go back to the person who had performed the procedure on you and then they can either give you a remedy or if it is serious they will send you to a doctor to seek further treatment.    

4. Give your piercing time to heal. 

Roughly, it takes about 2 to 3 months for a nose piercing to heal. It is important to note that during this time, you cannot change your piercing otherwise removing it will be extremely painful and you will also increase the risk of getting an infection. After it is healed, you can buy new jewelry from a shop and take it to your piercer for them to change it for you if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself.

Nose pin and piercing

Nose pin and piercing

Nose piercing is an ancient modification of the nose that was done by the nomadic Berber tribes in Africa and Middle East. Nose pins were given to the wife by the husband as assign of protection. Nowadays nose piercing is done commonly for the sake of style and beauty and nose pins are used for this purpose. There are various nose pins that are available in the market today. We have the gold nose pin, Silver nose pins and diamond nose, so one can find some which suit their budget.

Styles for nose piercing:

Nothing is more elegant adding a nose pin in a pierce nose to add beauty on the face.  

This body piercing nostril piercing, bridge piercing and nasal septum piercing.  

Bridge piercing

This type of piercing is placed on the upper part that is between the nose and the eyes. Nose pins are used in this type of piercing since if a large ring is used instead it may block the sight of an individual. Individual willing to do this piercing must be warned about the risk of healing since this piercing heals slowly and the reoccurring of infection if the piercing is not taken care of well.

Nostril piercing

In this the exact place for piercing is chosen by an individual.  

Nose pin and piercing

Septum piercing

This done on the cartilage that separates the nostrils. The main problem with this is it needs tenderness when blowing the nose. The healing may be prolonged if there is usage of illegal drugs that may irritate the pierce, make ups and removing the jewelry often.  

Precaution before tattoos and body piercing

  • Move with reputation: first of all you should decide to check the pierce expert reputation. That is he or she licensed? Are his or her facilities clean? What does other customers know or say about him? Many people may ignore this but it is the basis that defines whether the piercing will be safe or not.
  • Cleanliness: To avoid any embarrassing abrasions, make sure the piercing is clean.
  • Before getting any piercing make sure your skin does not have any allergies to certain materials. Procedure for nose piercing: First step is choosing the type of piercing you want and then choosing a spot where the pierce will be located. After locating a spot a steel nose screw or a pierce gun can be used to make a pierce.

Recommendation for new body piercing or tattoo

  • Keeping your piercing or tattoo clean by not touching the jewelry and the piercing. Always clean the piercing with saline solution at least twice per day.
  • Using the towel carefully but it would be better if no towel is used to dry the pierced part. Removing jewelry will prolong the healing process.
  • Using the towel carefully but it would be better if no towel is used to dry the pierced part. Removing jewelry will prolong the healing process -If the piercing is swollen or he pain is unbearable you should consult a doctor.
  • Stay away from make ups since it will introduce bacteria to the pierce thus increasing the chances of infection. Description of the nose pin and the size of the pin is a great consideration when purchasing a nose pin.
Belly piercing, Jewellery and the pain

Belly piercing, Jewellery and the pain

Fashion can be defined as a famous or trending style of hair, clothing or appearance that gives a person a lovely style of looks that is pleasant to the human eye. Cloths, belts, rings, shoes, make-ups, watches, and of course belly rings, are all tools of fashion to give one a pleasant looks.

One tool of fashion that produces a good and sexy appearance in our modern day world is the belly ring. The belly ring produces the coolest, most attractive, sexy and most beautiful body when attached to the navel of a person. Both men and women are attracted to belly rings. Almost every man on earth will fall for the stylish and breath-taking looks of a woman wearing a belly ring. It just has its own way of drawing the attention of people towards a person.

Famous celebrities like Beyonce and many other celebrities are fans of belly rings. Belly rings are two-times more likely to be noticed than earrings.

Belly piercing is much easier to perform than many people think. Most people want to just look at the painful side of it which is the fact that belly piercing hurt a bit. Belly piercing may hurt a little, but at the end of it all, one would get a result that he/she will be happy about. The wounds from belly piercing are known to heal nicely.

Belly piercing, Jewellery and the pain

There are many advantages of belly piercing. Some of these advantages are listed below:


After one has successfully pierced his/her navel, attaching an attractive ring is the next step. One needs to attach a ring to his/her navel before he can call his belly piercing a really successful one. The quality of the ring about to be attached to the navel matters. One must make sure he/she is wearing a good quality ring that will produce attractive results as attraction is one of the main benefits of wearing a belly ring. 


There is nothing that can be compared to the confidence one will get when wearing an attractive belly ring. It’s like walking on the streets of a city with $1 billion knowing that the world wishes to have the same amount of money you have. A feeling of uniqueness and calmness will always bewith you every time knowing the fact that you’re putting on a very attractive looks. You will experience self-confidence when you talk or walk. The experience is best felt when one have tried out a belly ring. It is a feeling of comfort one will receive and also a feeling to remember till death. 


Belly rings give a good sense of individuality to the wearer. It can single you out for good when others talk about you. Example: When you’re in the midst of people and one person happen to be looking for you, one can simply say, Where is the girl? The one that was wearing the attractive belly ring. 


Many men find belly rings to be very attractive. A lady can draw the attention of a man towards her by putting on a belly ring. Men on average spend close to a year of their life looking at women. Men are easily impressed by what they see and are known to fall in love with a woman’s good appearance. Wearing a good quality belling ring also mean you have a higher chance to be noticed by men when you’re around them.